SUMMIT Consulting, Trial Run started from Feb.26.2015

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八ヶ岳山麓 長野県諏訪郡富士見町からの便り


Message from Fujimi-town, foot of Mt.Yatsugatake, Japan

Let's enjoy natures of Mt.Yatsugatke !

Mt.Yatsugatake is a general term for the range of old volcano's peaks extend the entire length of 40Km lying astride Nagano prefecture and Yamanashi prefecture that located on center of Japanese mainland. Mt.Yatsugatake has not only alpine topography and landscape and precious natures but also grand foot and people's livelihood. And Mt.Yatsugatake is in a good location within 2.5 hours by limited express from Shinjyuku-station, Tokyo and high probability of clear sky.

I provide activities of mountaineering guiding as a certified mountaineering guide based in Fujimi town at foot of Mt.Yatsugatake. And I hope you can enjoy nature of Mt.Yatsugatake fully during all seasons.

If you are interested in trekking, hiking of Mt.Yatsugtake and its foot, feel free to contact by e-mail.I will make a suitable guiding proposal for your wishes and experiences complying with guiding rules that prescribed by Japan Mountain Guide Association.

Let's enjoy natures of Mt.Yatsugatake !

(If you send me a email, please delete one of @ from my e-mail address noted above.)

IMGP6215.JPGearly spring in foot of Mt.Yatsugatae

Current Challnege ! - Fjallraven Classic 2015

a 110Km long distance adventure in Sweden's nature of Lapland


Fjallraven Classic is a trekking event that participated in about 2000 people mainly Europe in Lapland of Sweden. I decided to enter this event. Because I symphsize the Swedish people's mind to cherish nature for their life and belief for nature and environment that Swedish host outdoor wear bland have.

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BD6_re.psdKing's Trail's Map BD6 "Abisko-Kebnekaise-Narvik"

Wearing systems based on HAGLOHS 's L.I.M. series

スウエーデンのブランドらしい、GALE BLUEという澄んだ水色と、オレンジ色のコントラストがきれいです。

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image.jpgMy wearing system, HAGLOFS 's L.I.M. line

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